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Program & Stewardship Review

Ensure continued support in our community by volunteering for program and stewardship review.

Program & Stewardship Review

Ensuring a larger impact.

We’re committed to providing transparency and ensuring that all funds are used to directly support our neighbors. The Program & Stewardship Review Committee, comprised of trained volunteers, carefully reviews donations and tax documents. Their aim is to ensure funds are used in an impactful and sustainable way, while also providing recommendations for program growth and improvement.

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Benefits of Program & Stewardship Review

Improved Impact

Help us make a larger impact in our community. Reviewers evaluate audits to ensure funds are used to provide Lubbock with maximum value.


We believe that transparency gives us a better chance of providing our community with more opportunities and support resources.

Community Involvement

Everyone has an opportunity to give back to their neighbors by volunteering with United Way. Become a volunteer and stand with our community.

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