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We support ALICE individuals in Lubbock. Learn more about ALICE and its prevalence and impact on our community. 


Alice in Our Communities

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE describes a group of individuals who earn above the federal poverty level but not enough to buy the essentials needed for everyday life. 

In order to live, they choose between necessities to make ends meet, impacting the lives of their families and themselves.

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See how ALICE affects Lubbock households.

Median Household Income

$57,798 (state avg.: $66,963)

ALICE Households

26% (state avg.: 30%)

Number of Households

124,689 (6% change from 2019)

Labor Force Participation

66% (state avg.: 65%)



Households in Poverty

18% (state avg.: 13%)

Households By Percent 2021

The Post-Pandemic Shift

As circumstances change, households may change below or above the ALICE threshold. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought employment shifts, health struggles, and school/business closures in 2021, it also spurred unprecedented public assistance through pandemic relief measures. In 2019, 53,106 households in Lubbock County were below the ALICE threshold; by 2021 that number increased to 54,121.

Household by percentage - ALICE Stats
ALICE in Lubbock
Households By Race & Ethnicity 2021

Financial Hardship is not equally Distributed

Groups with the largest population below the ALICE are also in the largest demographic groups. When observing the proportion of each group below the ALICE threshold, it’s clear that some ethnic and racial groups are more likely to be ALICE. 

ALICE in Lubbock
Households by Type 2021

Group% Below Alice Threshold
Single or Cohabitating (no children)45%
Married (with children)14%
Single Female-Headed (with children)80%
Single Male-Headed (with children)39%

Age of Householder 2021

Group% Below ALICE Threshold
Under 2584%
25 to 44 Years34%
45 to 64 Years30%
Seniors (65+)52%

Cost of Basics 2021

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